Seasoning - The Cure

Seasoning - The Cure

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Sugar Cookie Brisket Video

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From the minds that brought you that moo'd altering bovine brewhaha comes another solution to your flavor problems. So pull up a chair you flavor freaks and let’s talk about flying this new flavor flag! 2020 brings you “The Cure” this revolutionary three in one topical treatment is guaranteed to turn your pork problems right around!


The Cure is a simple product with many applications; it’s an unbelievable rib wrap rub for you competition folks or at home grillers that go the extra mile, it’s a phenomenal stand-alone rub that delivers sweet, salty, heat that magnifies the porky and traps more of the smokey flavors you are looking for. Just a coat of The Cure on your favorite cut of pork and a bath in the smoke turn out an incredible edible piece of mouth-watering old school smoked meat. But that’s not all!!!


Got some extra time on your hands? If so, a few coats of The Cure on a beautiful pork belly and 7-10 days in the cold and you will be looking at your very own all-natural delicious bacon! Or put it on a pork loin and chill for 5-9 days and you’ll be ready to make Canadian bacon. 


Want to brine a turkey or chicken?  The Cure can do that too.  Just mix with water or your favorite liquid and you have a fantastic wet brine that will bring not only sweet to the table but beautiful color to the skin of your bird.  


But wait, it doesn’t end there you can mix the cure with other rubs to enhance bark formation. Mixed with Moo’d Enhancer and applied to brisket makes an awesome “sugar cookie brisket."  See the video link below.  


Apply directly to shrimp or salmon before grilling, The Cure will fix almost all that ails you!


It's no secret that Moo'd Enhancer has been wildly successful.  Every time we have run a new batch it has sold out.  Every subsequent batch we have doubled the size and it still sells out.   We are trying to avoid that out of the gate with The Cure.  


Flavor Anonymous while being a purveyor or the best rubs in the world, first and foremost is a testbed for marketing, rub and sauce creation and we are willing to try things no other company would in the name of trying to deliver the best to our customers the fastest way possible.   





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