Seasoning - Double Down

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Let's be honest, everyone now has their version of a butter garlic rub and not all of them are very good.  What if you took a rub that was already great on its own and added more garlic and butter with the idea that it would crush it in the Steak Cookoff Association?  

That product would essentially be Double Down....but it's not just for SCA or steaks.  This stuff is INSANITY good on veggies.  From mashed potatoes to asparagus anywhere you want that butter, savory awesomeness, THAT is where you want to break out the DD.  

If you love Moo'd Enhancer, this one is for YOU.  We are releasing this in 8oz packages so you can try it at a lower price point before we start up full production in the 1lb bags.  We do warn you though, it goes fast because its so damn good.  Get you some today!