Seasoning - Ante Up 4oz

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In the world of Performance Enhancing Drugs, we thought why not start a line of Performance Enhancing Dust.   Small but mighty packages of powder that could be used with ANY rub, any sauce, on any cooking surface, in any cooker.  This is a whole new concept in seasonings that we are pioneering. 


The lead-off is Ante Up.  What is Ante Up?  We like to think in terms of "what ifs" and then find solutions.  We thought, what if you could distill down the taste of a charcoal-fired grill into a bag of dust.  What if you could take all those great tasting tidbits that get left behind during the cooking process and make them a powerful additive that could be used anywhere.  This is the concept behind Ante Up.  No, we didn’t actually go scrape grills and dehydrate this into a powder, but we did figure out how to get that flavor!   

Ante Up can be sprinkled ANYWHERE you wish you had that slightly smokey chargrilled flavor.  Doing burgers in the oven?  CHECK.  Doing a steak on a flat top?  CHECK.  Want more pop out of brisket on a pellet grill?  CHECK.  This still will make ice cream taste like you grilled it over a bag of your favorite charcoal.  It's pretty darn amazing and stout.  That is why we are releasing this in 4oz bags.  Get yours today and start the flavor journey to places you never thought possible!