Seasoning - Moo'd Enhancer

Seasoning - Moo'd Enhancer

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  • no secret that Moo'd Enhancer has been wildly successful. Every time we have run a new batch it has sold out. Every subsequent batch we have doubled the size and it still sells out.


  • Anonymous while being a purveyor or the best rubs in the world, first and foremost is a testbed for marketing, rub and sauce creation and we are willing to try things no other company would in the name of trying to deliver the best to our customers the fastest way possible.








For those that don't know what Moo'd Enhancer is, let me give you a basic description. While the main purpose was to literally make anything that ever Moo'd better, it's really an umami rub and is good anywhere. It is NOT just a brisket rub or brisket focused, even though it builds amazing bark and packs one heck of a punch.


This rub is unapologetic in its use of MSG, so know that right out of the gate. It's there for a reason, believe me. This rub is ground very fine for a reason as well. It is a bark building beast and will do great in the SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) arena even though it was made long before SCA was ever conceived.


Long and short only the best products get the support of Flavor Anonymous and this is the first of many great rubs that are coming out in the next several months. Each one an absolute genius-level accomplishment in their own right.


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    It costs us the same to ship 1lb as it does 3lbs.  Unfortunately, we need to ask that you limit your orders to 3lbs per order at this time to ensure everyone has at least a shot at ordering some in this limited run. 

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    Unfortunately we are not doing international shipping via the site at this time.  That said we will do our best to work with you.  Either message Shane or email to prearrage shipping and pricing. 


    Be sure to check out  They might have inventory.  We do our best to coordinate orders with them.  For the 11/9/19 run, they ordered 100 bags for their store.  So hit them up!  Great people and super fast shipping!