Birth of the Dragon Pack

Birth of the Dragon Pack


You've waited with the patience of a Shaolin monk, your patience is now being rewarded grasshopper.  You get all three of our new products plus a sticker with every order. 


In this pack, you get 8oz of each of our Asian inspired seasonings.  With this powerful combination, you will be fully equipped to handle everything from the flat top to the grill.  No matter if it's a protein, veg, or fried rice you this black belt level of training will be your flavor finishing move to crush tastebuds and delight your guests!


- Kung Fu Mofo - This where our trip into the Asian flavor scape began.  This unique balance of savory and sweet is the ultimate yin and yang for any dish.  The concept was simple, what if you could make a powder of ponzu sauce and teriyaki sauce.  After much experimentation in the flavor dojo, we did it.  Now it up to you to wonder the badlands and conquer the flavor world with this secret martial art.   


- Jade Dragon - Every Kungfu flavor master has a secret weapon that is reserved for the most epic of battles.  That is where the Jade Dragon was conceived.  Up high on mount Wasabi a special dragon master lives.  We entered into his realm and came out with something that is one part heat and two parts savory.  


- Bonsai Blossom - This is the yin to Jade Dragon's yang.  Bonsai Blossom is the sweetness that provides balance in a world of savory and spicy.  This is the seductress of the trio.  Delicate and precise citrus flavors will woo you into a false sense of security, before you know it you will be caught in her trap.  



  • Sticker

    Each order will get the limited edition 4in KungFu Mofo circle sticker for free.